Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TMI Today!

You've had fair warning from the title so read at your own risk. Today let's talk about POOP!

Got the giggles out?

Ok here's the thing. I'm not regular in this area. When I feel healthy and active I'm actually pretty regular. You want to me more? Ok usually I'm a morning person. I get up do some chores, maybe a quick trip to the gym, or I head to class. Then about and hour or two after I get up it's GO time. I'm used to this "schedule." After my morning poop I can get the day started, get my homework done, do a bunch of errands. It's like the finish line of my waking up period. One of my friend's likes her poops in the evening. It's her signal that her body is relaxed and ready for bed.

What does your regular poop mean to you?

Recently I have not been in my regularly scheduled programming. It's really frustrating. It all started around my friend's wedding. I knew I over-indulged so when I got back to Montana I cut out all dairy. It didn't really help reduce my flatulence. :( I've added back some dairy and can say the flatulence has decrease. BUT after Thanksgiving I noticed the constipation. There's a meal you expect some throne time, and I got nothing. Obviously it's still a problem so much so I wrote a post about it. Sometimes you just need to write it out to the blogosphere.

I'm trying to get a doctors appointment since WebMD says I have a sinus infection. Until then I'm going to eat more fiber, and drink more water.


  1. Poop-tastic post...water and fibre is definitely the key dude, although i have noticed that consistency is too. As i have dropped weight and started eating healthier i have noticed that my body is less tolerant when i have "off-plan" moments and doesn't thank me for it.

  2. Alright.. I've never really been regular, ever. I'm talking like once a week was my norm until several months ago. I'm also anemic, and I'm not going intothe horror story of the iron supplements they put me on once! Fiber, water, Lots of fruit, exercise (i guess it just moves things along?) and watching my dairy has helped a ton though. Cleaner eating has worked better than anything my doctor ever put me on.

  3. Agree with Lori. Water is key. It can be help you become regular and not enough of it when workign out and can cause other not-so-solid poopy side effects.

    If I do cardio in the morning I stay very regular. cardio, poop,shower, work....badabing!

    Posts like this will make you very poopular in the blogging world, so I hear.

  4. I've found that water is very important when it comes to this, very very important. The more you drink, the more regular you are.