About Me

Hi I'm Moving Mertle!

Ok I'm not really a Mertle but I think everyone on the web wants some type of anonity. And I don't want you to think of me as someone you could meet on the street who knows all your secrets. I want to be the secret little cartoon jogger who gives only you fun information on health and fitness. Like Dear Abby!

I am a real person though as much as I pretend not to be. I'm a student who works and studies and is trying to love life under a layer of flub. I'm also trying to be healthy and lose weight and let you know all the information I find helpful and cool.

I've always loved reading fitness mags and learning what the next best thing was going to be. But those articles always seem to be written by someone 120lbs and who regularly jogs marathons...maybe not that extreme. And the success storys are by people who cut out white bread and pop and lost 50lbs! and again not that extreme and I do extremely admire and support anyone who has won the battle with flab and is maintaining a healthy weight. OK what I'm really saying is I love fitness and I want to read a real life fitness article by a real life person.

So I'll become that person! My diet has room for improvement (but room for chocolate as well), and my activity level could include more walking and less reruns of the Golden Girls. In general I'm pretty average, I eat whole wheat breads, no soda, exercise regularly, and recently found out I'm lactose intolerance. And I'm about 70lbs overweight! Please join me on my journey. We'll encourage each other, tell each other maybe the milkshake was a bad idea, and bounce new fitness ideas. I plan for us to both keep and encourage each other with the power to change!