Running and Event Times

The Pineneedle Stampede. A 5K (or 6K) in beautiful West Yellowstone. My time was 53mins.

Sweet Pea Run. The Bozeman Classic is organized by Wind Drinkers (my running club) and First Security Bank. Great day, early start so the temperature stayed on the low side. There's a bit of the a hill but nothing to hard. My legs still hurt a bit but I was happy with the race. My time was 42 mins.

Summer run: Reach Run for Independence. Great cause, rainy icky day :( My head wasn't in it and my legs hurt a little so I definitely didn't give this one my all. My 5K time was 47mins.

Spring is here!! (maybe it did snow this morning). The Riverbank Run was to help the local YMCA and was on roads and trail with only slight hills. I think I'm getting used to this mountain air. My time was a very respectable 40.5mins!!

My second one was Huffing for Stuffing. A great run to benefit the Food Bank. I sprained my ankle a few weeks before so I briskly walked the 5K. Don't worry I huffed it!! My times was 53mins.

So my first 5K as in October right after I moved to this ridiculously dry state. It needless to say it certainly took my breath away. The time was 48mins