Monday, December 6, 2010

Favorite Books

Happy Monday! Today was super. I had a huge lunch but it's ok because I walked to school, did dance exercise, and went on the elliptical. I have 118 calories left!

I love books! And I love my library!! (especially since it's a block from my house) I love the playaways that my library has. They are little mp3 players with a book on them. I've listened to "A widow for 1 yr"; "Middlemarch", "Jane Slayer", and a bunch of Patricia Cornwall novels. My favorite books are magic, medieval, romance, and/or murder mysteries. One caveat I can't read scary books before bed because it makes me hear all the creaks and I get too scared to sleep. I also have tried to read a lot of classics as well.

Of course I can't have a blogpost here without my ode to health stuff!! I love going to the library and getting diet or exercise books or workout dvds. Tai Chi videos are one of my faves but those are on VHS and the only VCR is in my room which doesn't have enough floor space. AND cookbooks. When I started trying lactose-free I got a lot of good recipes from the cookbooks.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to the library and look for some books! I'm thinking a book on running training would help a lot. I've started C25K a few times but it just doesn't click with me. Hopefully the books will give great tips to keep me going. Here's what I've found:
  1. Bill Rodgers' lifetime running plan : definite programs for runners of all ages and levels
  2. Treadmill training for runners by Rick Morris
  3. Chi Running by Danny Dreyer
  4. Hal Higdon's how to train : the best programs, workouts, and schedules for runners of all ages

What's your favorite book (non healthy)? What's your favorite health resource (besides blogging haha)?


  1. I love Harlan Coben (but you couldn't read him before bed) for something cute and cozy I like Debbie Macomber.
    My favorite Healthy living book is Fit from Within...I think the author is Victoria Moran.

  2. Favorite books are typicaly biographies and history books, but I love Dan Brown. Favorite healthy book....can't pin one down. I have a few. I do not have the Hal Higdon book you listed but have read others of his and I like them. He has on-line training plans for free. If you didn't know.

  3. Gotta agree with Chi Running by Danny Dreyer....I never thought I'd make it to C25K week 8 but I am just about to begin it and it's all thanks to learning proper running technique from Mr.Dreyer. In terms of completing C25K and having a long-term relationship with running, I couldn't recommend it more.