Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not Sick Enough

Yesterday I had a horrible sinus headache, pressure, pain in my teeth. WebMD said I had a sinus infection so I got a doctors appointment. I wanted to talk about the sinus headache and the constipation.

Well that was a bit of a wasted appointment since the doctor told me the EXACT same thing all of you told me. Water, and fiber. Today I also ran/walked and did the arc trainer to get my blood flowing and things moving. THANKS EVERYONE! (and Luke you were right! I got a huge response and many comments on that post, I'll have 100 followers any minute haha)

Also when I walked into the appointment room I noticed a sign on the doctors board. Ok two signs. One was a cartoon of someone shoe shopping at a place like foot locker. The signs above the shoes said: "Running.......Walking......Blogging" haha

The second sign was: Antibiotics don't help sinus infections. :( Well the doctor told me to drink liquids, do my netipot, and take sudafed. I could've figured that out by myself. Alas, at least I know how to fix the problems and will be better soon.

Oh and a book update, here's what I got:
Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running by Dagny Scott
Lifetime Running Plan by Bill Rodgers
Chi Running by Danny Dreyer [this is like an audio book that I downloaded onto my computer]

Dagny has a good running schedule so I started that tonight. Walk 10mins, run/walk 10mins, Walk 10mins. Today I ran between 1 and 2 minutes at a time. Over 6 weeks, I'll work up to running the entire middle 10, then taking time off the warm up and cool down until I run the entire time. (well I'll run 30mins with a short warm up and cool down). Some good advice in that book and in the Jeff Hollaway website is don't over exert your self. It's better to undertrain that to overtrain and hurt yourself. Because of this I didn't run very fast. In the past I've done intervals at 5mph but today I only went at 4.7mph. That speed slowed me down a bit but I think it's closer to my random outside "real life" pace.


  1. 4.7 is my "bit faster than natural pace" too. I would love to get faster, but want endurance to improve more than speed.

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon!!