Friday, December 10, 2010

Thinking about next year or next month

Are you thinking about your New Year's Resolutions?

Life's Journey with a Smile

I've decided to sign up for Amy's Winter Wonderland Warriors. Starts Jan 3rd and goes to March 28th. Here's the dealio:
  1. Set ten goals for yourself for the winter. Your goals can be losing weight, about saving money, about reading more, eating better, exercising, anything you want!
  2. Include a positive picture each week {it can be something you make, a picture of yourself, anything positive!}
  3. Answer the weekly survey questions.
  4. Do a blog update every week!
I haven't emailed Amy yet but I have started thinking about some goals. My next big thing is a Half marathon the first week in June. My main goal for the warrior is to do my training. I've started setting up a running plan which starts with 6 weeks working up to running for 30mins straight. Then I'll do that to get used to it for a while, then start the Jeff Galloway Training for a half marathon. Only 9 more goals to think of.

What's your next big thang?


  1. My next big thang is going to be another 5k before March. I hope to start walking on my treadmill again this week..

  2. Wow....the half-marathon is a lofty goal and will be a great achievement when you cross the line.

    In terms of New Years Resolutions - No, I don't do them any more as I've come to realise that if I want to make changes to any aspect of my life then I can just start tomorrow morning, I don't need to wait for a particular date to start.

  3. lately I have had the hardest time narrowing down what to do for the next big thing. I have way too many things I want to do. Your post did remind me that it is about time to start thinking about next years goals.