Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favorite Day at Work

I love Saturday's at work. Here's how it goes: First I change into my tennis shoes from the boots. Then since no one is usually there I go through the gym and change all 3 TVs to something I want to watch. It's mostly USA because they either have movies or L+O: SVU marathons.

Then I really start to work. I move all 5 treadmills and vacuum under them all. Then move them all back, then move the 2 bikes and vacuum over there. Part of the vacuuming job is to clean the machines and clean up the corners. Have you ever vacuumed with the nozzle the parimeter of like 2 rooms? Let me tell you the slightly crouched position really works the hammies.

Then I do the rest of the cleaning and check the email and phone messages. I love this work day because I get a good workout. Treadmills don't just move themselves. And since no one comes in I leave the gym pristine and clean. I can really tell I worked when I'm done for the day.

What's YOUR favorite day/part of your job?

After work on Saturdays I usually work out. Today I did my second day of my running plan. Walked 10, ran 2, walk 1.5, ran 2, walk 1.5, ran 3, walk 10. I also listened to Chi Running by Danny Dreyer. One thing he says is a run should make you more energized not less. I did feel really good after the run!!

Then I did the weight routine I worked on with the personal trainer. The key to his system was to do powerful moves and keep my heart rate up. Well after that part of my workout I was beat!!! I have definitely been phoning it in lately but I push myself today.

Then I came home, did some grocery shopping, some homework. I was a little tired so I just listened to Chi Running for a bit. BAD IDEA!!! Caution: Don't listen to Danny Dreyer while you're tired! He has a calming relaxed voice that pretty much made me pass out for 2 hours. Then I work up and wrote this post :)

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  1. My favorite work days are Monday...because it is quiet and I can get paper work finished. I also like the days when we have our Big Family Night Programs...lots of prepping and fun group work.