Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday no Monday!

Tomorrow starts the glorious season of finals week! I have about an hour more to on my take home final. That's due tomorrow at 4pm. Then a lab report and studying for my one in class final on Thursday. Don't worry I have plenty of Christmas-sy stuff to help me procrastinate NO I mean destress. I have to order 2 more presents and wrap and ship them. I'm planning on heading to the post office Thursday morning. Then a friend's daughter's wedding Friday, and the family Holiday party Sunday.

I went Ice Skating!!! Minor details: it was after dark so I maybe shouldn't have been in the park, I'm not too sure. Also it's too HOT here! and by hot I mean 35deg. I couldn't skate around the entire rink since over 1/2 of it was a slushy puddle. I skated from the rink entrance to the north end back and forth for about 30mins. My arches ached! Since the rink is only a block from my house I plan on practicing a lot this winter.

As you can see from the picture I had a skating accident. My feet went forward my butt went back and I hit the ice. I must have hit my wrist because when I got home I noticed this nice goose egg...ok robin egg.

Have you done any winter sports yet?

I also am thinking about organizing like a Christmas 5K for the family to do since we do a 5K on Thanksgiving, St Patty's Day, and the 4th of July. Maybe we'll just go skiing. I'll be over at the cross country park, not on those steep slopes. I certainly am trying to incorporate more movement into the holiday celebrations. How about you? Making any new moving traditions?


  1. I don't do winter sports. I cannot stand to be cold!!!
    I will do my Wii & elliptical in a climate controlled environment. LOL!

  2. I made one last year for my first 5k at mignight on new years eve, it fdoesn't llok like I will make it again this year.