Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hectic Holiday

I have almost all my Christmas shopping done. Just one more present and that's for someone I'm spending the holiday with so I really have until the 24th! After all that was done I went to Subway, then to mentor with a 6th grader. Then I tried to go home. My car would NOT start, even after a jump. I had the car towed to the repair shop. Apparently it's car repair time because the tow truck took 45mins and the car won't be looked at until Thursday. Well at least I'll get my walking in.

I did get a 20min bike ride done. I would've gotten more of a ride but it started hailing and snowing so after work I called my aunt for a ride home. To make up for today's craziness I rocked the elliptical. I usually just burn 200-300 calories in a half hour. Tonight I burned 501 cals. (Well I did have a little break so the total time was 34mins) When I want to burn calories fast I go straight to the elliptical strength program. What's your burn and go routine?

Still too warm to go ice skating, at least it'll be nice to walk around. Tomorrow is report day, paperwork for my application (ahh I had to have the community college I took courses from in high school fax in transcripts, and a transcripts from my current school, and sign a couple papers), wrapping presents, and making a review sheet for my Thursday exam.

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  1. Sorry about the car. Those things always seem to happen at the worst times. You're putting a good spin on it.

    It is plenty cold where I am. I wish I could send you some of it so you could ice skate. I'm over the cold!