Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Weigh in? What's that? Do I supposedly do that every Wednesday? Oh man. I have been weighing myself and it's been fluctuating a bit. So I would weigh myself on Wednesday and think that number's not right I'll wait until tomorrow.....

Well here it is folks
Weight: 202.2lbs
Weekly Loss: ???
Total Loss: 19.8lbs

COME ON MERTLE!! It's time to get the booty in gear. I have done 5 days of my running training. Today I walked 5mins, ran 3, walked 2, ran 3, walked 2, ran FOUR, walked 8! In two days I'll go for at least two 4mins runs. The program says I should do 4min segments by the end of this week. Sounds fine I'm just not sure about the execution. Last week had 10min walking at the start and end, this week is 8mins. Which leaves 14mins in the middle, so if I run two 4s, then I walk 6mins in between? Is it ok to run two 4s, and a 2min in the middle?

This story goes with a theme I've recently noticed to a lot of things in my life: Good plan, bad execution.

Let's work on that execution, buddies!

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