Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Running Club

Yesterday was the last run of the summer for running club. I signed up for the 1.8mile run. I finished in 19mins! ..... Then I went on and tracked the route. It was closer to 1.5miles. OH well I still ran the majority of the time so I'm proud of myself. I also tried doing the chi running, so I kept my back long and leaned forward. I watched some videos on it today and I'll keep working on my technique. Next week is the yearly meeting and potluck. I have to start running each week on my own now.

Today I kept moving around the house by cooking zucchini bread and a chicken and veggie stew-like thing. I also did part of my yoga routine but then had to stop to go to work.

I really want to lose weight before my friend's wedding, but last night I was hungry. I went to bed not having a rumbly tummy but that "I should have a snack or I'll be starving in a little bit" I know when you start a lower calorie plan you are hungry the first few days but then you get used to it. Maybe that's what I'm dealing with. or maybe I worked out more than I thought. Do you go to bed hungry? How do you choose when to go over calories? When do you say I'm hungry but I've had enough or I'm hungry so I'll have a snack?


  1. I get hungry at night, A LOT! If I must I have a small snakc like a hand full of wheat goldfish, three small chocoloates, or a cup of yogurt. I stopped counting calories, I just try to eat healthy.

  2. Way to go - that is a great time. I try not to eat after 7pm and the first few weeks were really tough. I had to start going to bed earlier!

  3. I have gotten to the point that if I go to bed and I'm not hungry I think something is wrong. I'm not talking about a major starvation thing, just more of a thought, that it would be a good idea to eat soon kind of hunger.

  4. How's the chi techniques working out for you - definitely has made my running slightly easier on the lower legs, but i think it's one of those things that takes a lot of practice and being aware of your body position and correcting it constantly until it becomes second nature.

    zucchini bread sounds de-lish by the way - can you stick a recipe on your blog?

  5. I usually do not get hungry before bed. But when I do, I try to put it to rest with a glass of water. But when I am hungry I do eat. Fruit is my fave snack and I lean on it often when I get hungry between meals.