Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WWI strikes again

That titles pretty omonious but it's all about the weekly weigh in. I really didn't weigh myself last week because I was out of it. It was around 205 then this weekend and the last of my no tracking days I saw 208 on the scale. But I'm back on track and have lost!

Weight: 203.0
Weekly Loss: -1.5 (or -0.8lb from the last WWI)
Total Loss: -19lbs
Pounds to Nov Goal: 21lb

I've lost 19lbs since April and I am starting to tell, trying on old clothes that were too small, buying a large shirt instead of an XL, putting ill fitting jeans into the good will pile. All good and in the right direction.

I did give myself a goal of being 182lb by Nov 6th, which is the next time I'll go home and see a lot of college friends. That's 21lbs in like 42days. 1lb every 2 days! I think I'm going to amend the goal, I want to be in the 180s so that about 15lbs. I've been on track eating and working out so I think I'll be in good shape. There is my birthday and Halloween in October so I'll have to be careful around those days.

Now for a little soapbox time:
I also wanted to mention something that happened at work on Monday. I work at a 24hr gym. Since it isn't staffed all the time and some people aren't professionals (like myself) we don't allow children under 13 to join. A man came in and looked around the gym. He said he really needed a gym membership his daughter could use as well. She is 12 and apparently really needs to go to the gym. This hurt my heart. A child who NEEDED to go to the gym. I was probably that same kid but my mother put me on diets. Childhood obesity is bad, because it's not the child's fault.

Of course before I could post my experience Jack Sh*t has gone and out done me. His post today has some statistics on childhood obesity and he mentioned the COAK program.


  1. It breaks my heart to see over weight kids. I agree with you that childhood obesity is bad, and it is not the childs fault. It seems to be that children are heavier today then when I was a kid. Kids do not get outside anymore and do things.

    Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing great and you should reach your goal by November.

  2. Aww that's so sad :( I just read Jack Sh*t's post. Good stuff. I hope we as a nation start making some changes to keep our kids healthier.

  3. Great news you being back on track; Onederland is oh so close now!

    My guess it is all about insurance & liability as to why kids not of a certain age are not allowed to join gyms. There has to be some sort of solution though. COAK is interesting, but I couldnt tell if the sponsoring fitness business allows access to its gym for kids or not.

  4. That is sad, isn't it. Modern times = larger children.