Monday, June 11, 2012

back again

so yet again it's been about 2 months since my last post. Can I say anything is really different? Well it's summer. My last day of teacher school was May 18th. Since then I've had job interview, visited my parents, and am currently house/office sitting for my cousin and aunt. The house sitting includes a ridiculously hyper dog. Unfortunately it's been too rainy to actually take her for walks and get myself some exercise. Today is beautiful and we are spending it outside :)

Currently my weight is 291 lbs. EGATS!!! that's like 100lbs more than my lowest weight recorded in my blog and that was about Jan 2011. It is also 160lbs greater than the internet says my ideal weight is. Instead of focusing on losing an entire person from my hips and stomach I'm going to focus on 10lbs. Dr. Oz (who's book I just got) says there are a lot of health benefits from just losing 10lbs. And breaking 160 into 10lb increments is just 16 steps, which seems much less daunting than the huge number all at once.

A big factor in my weight gain I know has been stress. I worked really hard as a math teacher and then wasn't asked to return. I totally put myself and my online classes on the back burner to focus on my job and for what? And what does one turn to in isolated NE Montana besides comfort food? When you feel like a failure what's the point of eating salad?

But that is over now. The boss that gave me hell resigned in a blaze of fury so I'm happy my students won't have to deal with her. I also just got a job at the local community college. I'm going to be helping remedial students so it won't actually be that different from teaching high school. I'm super excited and happy about this. 1) I get to stay in a community that needs me. 2) I don't have to move 3) I get a membership to the gym!!! Ok it's not like going to the gym was super expensive before but now I get it for free. Oh and 4) My day starts at 9am instead of 7:45 and my commute is 15 minutes shorter. All meaning I can sleep til 8am instead of 6:30. I find getting up at 8 much more reasonable than basically any moment before 8.

Like I said I recently bought Dr. Oz YOU! the owner's manual. Although I'm gunhoe about it I'm not keen on following the diet exactly. With good reason though. The initial 10 day diet is basically a taste of every single item he approves. So am I supposed to go to the grocery story and buy a ton of ingredients? Did I mention I'm not at home. I'll be at my cousins for 2 weeks. So I printed off the shopping list for the flat belly diet. I have the book and cookbook at home and I know it works. The main thing is the first week repeats foods while still being different and new. I know if I follow the shopping list I will have just enough food for the week I am staying at my cousins. And the point is to be better right? better is better and not limited to all or nothing diets.

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  1. I am so sorry the job situation did not work out. It is easy to feel like a failure when those things happen, but that just is NOT true. It wasn't the right job for you. You may learn the reason down the road or you may not, but in any case, you are not a failure.

    Losing weight is a huge battle and takes a lot of mental energy. If you were expending all of your energy on a job that was wrong it only stands to reason that you would not make any progress on that front.

    Now you have a more reasonable job and can take some time to focus. You can do it. Keep us informed to your progress.