Monday, March 5, 2012

Not quite a year

I haven't posted since May 2011. It's only been 10 months....and about 70lbs. My lowest weight was in January last year at about 195. I am currently 273. wha whooon

Here's the thing it's not like I turned off the blog and threw everything away and ate myself into darkness. In Feburary I started taking online classes to complete a masters and teaching certification. I also started rewriting a lab manual for a previous physics course. THEN I started teaching full time in August. This is my first 40hr a week job. I couldn't find an apartment super close to work so I now have a half hour commute on way.

I moved to Northeastern Montana which is not the health mecca that Bozeman is. Granted Bozeman has draw backs but tons of people ride bikes, there are like 10 gyms, and there are walking and hiking trails all over. My aunt and uncle live there as well and got me in with a fit crowd. Now I live on a reservation which doesn't have trails, I don't want to go out after dark, and the gym doesn't really fit my style. I live in a very very rural town, the nearest WalMart is 1.5 hours away.

I do know these are all excuses. If health was a priority all these items wouldn't matter. But as a new teacher, grading papers and making lesson plans were my first thought. I've realized I don't work at home if I take every piece of paper home. I save most of the grading for the weekends or before school starts in the morning. I have taken that time to rest instead of work out.

I know find myself on a slippery slope. I come home tired so I prepare or buy quick easy meals. I am too tired to workout. My head tells me if I prepare healthy foods and workout I will feel better and have more energy but my body says nap. I am thinking of working out right after school but after a long day staying to sweat isn't that appealing. Today I did notice that I had a lot of energy after school but was tired by the time I got home at 5pm. I noticed I am playing online video games often now too. I decided if I'm spending that much time on the computer I can certainly write a few blog posts.

I did just order new sports bras and workout clothes and a few new videos. I think I'll try to workout right after school tomorrow and see how I feel.


  1. Welcome back. I've thought of you and wondered about you several times during your little break. It is good to see you back.

    Start small, just make mini, manageable changes. Increase and adapt those as you have time and energy. Tackling everything at once with all the life changes you have had is too much. It will be too overwhelming and seem impossible.

    You can manage the little changes. I look forward to hearing more from you and watching your progress.

  2. I agree with Lori. Small steps, short-term goals. You'll be fine. Just get some new improvements in each week.