Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Day

I went to the gym!!! This was the first time I've gone to the gym since moving. I was on the elliptical for 30 minutes and then about 20 mins of weights. The hardest part is adjusting. I can't put like 65lbs on the machines or have a resistance of 7. Since it's a different gym, I also had to figure out the different machines.

My old gym was awesome and fit my workout style. This gym is completely different. There are kids running all over and there aren't very many TVs. Also I don't think the building was originally a gym because a whole section has no over head lighting. I'll have to go a few more times before I get a membership or go somewhere else.

The gym I went to fit a major problem I wrote about yesterday. After work I just want to leave, but after a half hour drive I'm tired and don't want to work out. The gym in my town has a branch in the town between work and home! I left work then burned off some frustration and drove home and sat at my computer.  

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  1. Good job...it was a first step. I agree that you need to find a gym that is right for you. If not, you will struggle to go.