Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It's hump day everyone. Today I went to work and took care of everything I started Monday and that's it. I didn't even touch the pile of papers from yesterday and today. I do have time to put in extra time on Friday so I may do that. I also got the cable bill in my name. Since I'm a new customer I get starz, encore, and more channels. I'm really excited but it's still expensive and I really don't have that much time to watch all the channels. Like right now I'm watching the Doctors which is on NBC instead of trying to find something really cool on a new channel.

Weigh In:
Today's Weight: 203.0
Weekly Loss: 1.6lb
Total Loss: 19lbs

I'm pretty sure that entire loss came from the last two days. I went out to lunch Friday, ate a TON after the run Saturday, and snacked a lot Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I worked out on the Elliptical and bike, and ate within my calorie range. I need to yesterday but I didn't have the right sports bra. (Sorry if that's tmi but I thought wrong outfit made me sound ridiculous) The race totally wore me out and I want to avoid the treadmill, but I'll try to get on there tonight.

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  1. Nice loss! Did you have fun on the run??

    Have a great weekend!