Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's been 2 weeks!?!?!

Shock and awe just hit me when I noticed I haven't posted in 14 days. School took over. Usually each week I have a couple papers to read for school. Last week I had to read a book! I did start it earlier but I read the sections we were not discussing. I thought I only had 2 more chapters to read but I had to read 4 other chapters. Oh man.

This week is going much better. Work at the Accountant's office is finally slowing down for me. The accountants are crazy busy but I do the prep work which is almost done. In school I have a quiz this week instead of a paper so that will give me some free time.

I basically dropped out from reading blogs and the Winter Wonderland Warriors challenge. I had so much to read for school I couldn't bring myself to read for fun. When I get busy work and school are the priority. I didn't exercise or eat right or concentrate on my goals. I've decided the following weeks I'm going to first concentrate on exercising more in general, then doing more strength, yoga, DVDs etc, then eating.

I am still going strong-ish on the running program. I'm supposed to run 3 times a week which includes a long run on the weekends. Last Saturday I did 7.6 miles. WHOO just saying it makes me tired again. Unfortunately I'm too tired to run during the week after those long run weekends. I might have run yesterday but I was starving and decided to go home instead. I'm planning on running tonight or at least do 30mins of cardio.

I also have important things to do for the future. My roomie is moving out and I think it's time for adult furniture! I'm looking into a few lights, a chair and a half, a bed frame, and a mattress. I am also looking for a teaching position for high school physics and math. I have a career fair in town on Apr 28th, then a praxis content exam on Apr 30th, then another fair May 1st and 2nd. That's going to be a crazy week!

Is your spring getting busy yet? Any exciting events you are planning for?

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  1. I'm glad to see your post. I've been a littl concerned for you.

    I've got the financial audit next week. That is always crazy-ness!!