Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training Run: 2.5 MM

Yesterday was running day! It was gorgeous and a great temperature yesterday morning. About 2hrs after I got home, it started snowing a lot. Talk about good timing. Then I went SHOPPING! Sometimes I just have a need to go to the mall. Please remind me next time that Saturday afternoon is a bad time to go to the mall. I work odd hours and totally did not need to go yesterday. I did get out of the house and got a new shirt, shoes, pants, hair clips, and earrings. Super excited to wear my new clothes. I got great pieces but not a whole outfit oddly enough.

Back to the running. It was a MM or magic mile training run. That means I'm supposed to warm up, run a mile as fast as I can, and then idk. I don't really understand the instructions. What I did was walk with the group (there were 6 of us) to the start, run a mile fast, walk for like 10mins, run a mile fast, walk back to my car. Total of 3.8miles (1 miles was to and from the running area). My 2 miles were 12 mins, and 13mins! I'm super proud of that. The average is 12.5. Then I can use that time to estimate my half marathon time. Apparently my half marathon time is 17min 15sec per mile finishing the half in 3hrs and 49min. If I want my marathon to be 3 hrs, my MM time needs to be 9min and 45sec. THAT'S SUPER FAST! Again we're just going to finish and not worry about the time.

During my run and after my hammies and glutes HURT. To help I got a foam roller from target. It's amazing so far. I'm still in pain but I will stretch more. The internet also suggested strengthening my hammies, so I'll work on that during my strength training.

QUESTION: Any suggestion for making muscle milk light chocolate taste better? I bought at 24pack from Costco thinking it'd be a good way to get protein on my liquid fast days. Now I have 22 drink boxes I'm not sure what to do with.

Also I went to get a coffee before work yesterday. The barista goes to my gym and saw me running the other day. She said I looked really good! Made my day...probably making my week. So I want to tell you even though I can't see you. You look great! Keep up your great workouts! I guess it's like my last post if you act like a running people will think your actually a runner and then you'll realize you're a runner.

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