Thursday, March 3, 2011

Behavior vs. Attitude

This week's running mantra is Just do it. Ok that's not exactly what the book said. It talked about acting as if something was true and the difference between attitude and behavior an then motivation vs results.

I definitely believe in the power of positive thinkings. If you dream it you can do it in the words of...the guy from Blades of Glory right? What the book said was there have actually been studies saying that behavior comes first then the attitude is used to justify behavior. We can't see attitude or touch it. When people say you have a bad attitude, it is based on your behaviors.

Then the book goes on to say motivation doesn't come from thin air, like attitude it is based of the behavior of results. Even when I think of me saying I'm going to finish the half marathon, a lot of my motivation comes from knowing all the things I've finished before from college to planning an event. Each long run on the weekend then supports the belief I can finish. A perfect example is my thought process during a run. I usually don't think "I can finish because I'm motivated." It's more "Its only a little longer than last week and I finished that" "Last time my legs hurt a lot by this time, now I'm doing better so I can finish today" "Last time I went to Olive Garden I saved calories by doing ..... I will be sure not to blow my diet tonight."

What results have you had that you use for motivation? And if you can't find motivation this week JUST DO IT and use this week as motivation for next week.

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