Saturday, March 12, 2011

Training Race Run

Today was my first 10K. It was a beautiful day and I really liked the course. About halfway through I had a hammer gel and also got into a well known neighborhood. The last half I knew ok it's a mile to here, 3 more blocks then there's a downhill, 5 more blocks til the finish. The first half my body was ready but my mind wasn't. I kept thinking how long today would be and how cold I was. Then the second half my mind was into it, I knew how far I had to go and I was ready...but my body was out. My legs hurt. They still hurt a lot. Last week was my hammies and this week was my hip flexors and quads. I guess I really need to up my yoga.

The timers said my time was 1:31:44 which is a sub 15min mile so I'm ok with that. BUT my watch said 1:27:30 and I'm totally taking that to the bank :)

Minor drag I totally think I'm sick. I was pretty congested the entire race. This week I didn't run at all. Heck all I did was 30min on an elliptical once. Definitely ready to get back into it. Strength training helps my muscles prepared for the endurance of a long run. And being sick has drained my energy so I've been slacking on reading other blogs. Sorry :( I'll be back at it soon.

Also reading blogs will be easier since I got these: 
My online class, blogs, and office work have me in front of a computer and reading things almost constantly. I would only be able to read for like an hour, and my eyes would be so tired I would just take naps because I didn't want to have my eyes open at all. [Not in the middle of work :) just if I was at home] I had an eye appointment Tuesday and got my glasses Thursday. I wore them all day Thursday and Friday and then a friend said people are supposed to ween into it. Whoops. I'll start over today with just 4 or 5 hrs. And then a little more tomorrow and Monday.

I am also looking for a full time teaching job for 2011-12. I'll be receiving a temporary license over the summer With a few more classes and a school year portfolio, I'll get a real license and can continue working full time. Let me know if you know of anywhere that needs a high school physics and math teacher.

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  1. Great job on ur 10K! I want to run one too, but I can't find a local 10 K race. Great job!