Wednesday, February 9, 2011


waaaa woooonnnn

Weight Jan 19th: 196.5
Last Week's Weight: 203.4
Today's Weight: 204.8
Weekly Loss: +1.4 :(
Total Loss: 17.2lb

Why isn't the cruise weight just melting off? Because I haven't worked out? Because I've overeaten almost every day I've been back? Certainly not cruise overeat, but gain weight overeat. Ok it's time to get the junk out of the cabinets and not let those veggies rot!

I'm noticing I can to ok throughout the day and then at night I want to munch munch munch. I feel like a pacman taking specific paths because there's food down them. HELLO Mertle you are not a pacman!

I'm a runner
I'm healthy
I'm a dancer
I'm a bright bubbly ball (or hour glass) of energy
I'm smart and can make healthy choices
I'm super buff and you can come to the gun show
I'm fitness enthusiast
I'm healthy
I'm a runner

What are you?


  1. Sometimes it is hard to get that healthy eating mindset back, but you can do it. Get rid of the junk as you said you would and replace it with fruit or nuts that you can easily pick up and eat rather than chips & cookies.

    I am...almost at goal!

  2. I am also just now getting back on to my plan. Just stay consistent with your stuff and you'll be right back to where you were.

    I athlete who never gives up.