Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pictures Finally

My trip was totally totally awesome. First I flew to New Orleans on the 21st. We had all day on the 22nd to enjoy the city.

This is for you Patrick. This city loves their hot sauce

We took a city tour through the garden district, French Quarter, 9th ward, and city park. I didn't get to go into the statue park even though I was there before they close. Apparently they mean everybody out by 4:45pm.

Bourbon Street! We saw everyone walking around with these grenades so we had to get them.

We got on the boat Sun. the 23rd. That night I won a raffle for a free workout! On Monday I got up went to stretching, then the interval workout of squats, punches, lunches and woodchoppers, then DANCE LESSONS! My mom and I are amazing aren't we?

Tuesday we landed in Costa Maya, a port a few hours north of Belize in Mexico. We visited Kohunlich, a "city" of Mayan Ruins. Under the thatched roof were plaster masks they worked hard to preserve.

Wednesday we walked around Belize City, Belize. We went to the museum, an old church, and the cultural center. Here we all are on the back porch.

Thursday we ported in Roatan, Honduras. It's definitely someplace I want to go back to. My aunt and cousin took a tour of the island. My parents and I went snorkeling, kayaking, and a little hike. We saw coral, fish, a turtle, and lobster! Our activities were based out of the Cannibal Cafe...."where we'd love to have you for dinner"

Friday we were in Cozumel, Mexico!! My aunt stayed on the boat, my cousin went to a cooking class, my parents went scuba diving, and I went to Everybody Loves Rays. Started with snorkeling around the enclosure, then holding and kissing the rays, then feeding them.

Saturday we were on the boat all day relaxing. Sunday we arrived back in New Orleans early so the family went on a swamp tour. Just like Kelly Ripa!!! (I got my hair done in Cozumel, see)

And of course you can't go to NOLA without a beignet! My parents and I stopped for breakfast before our flights, then walked around St. Louis Cemetary #1 (where the voodoo queen rest)

And It was really hard to come back home afterwards. I was ready to be in a real sized bed, and be alone in my house. But my tummy was ready to continue eating everything in sight! Well I let that slide all the way until the Super Bowl but this week is starting out much more controlled. And today I got in a great workout! Found out I can still run for 30mins!


  1. Loved seeing pictures from your trip.

  2. Great pics! Looks like a fun and interesting holiday!

  3. Looks like such a fun trip!

    (Oh, and I have the same watch as you do!)