Saturday, February 12, 2011

Running Day

Today was my first long run of Jeff Galloway's half marathon training. Just a three miler. Just haha, it's "just" because it's the shortest run I'll have the next 18 weeks. Turns out I actually did 3.25 miles in 45mins. Then I ended up doing another 1.75 walking to and from. ALSO I dropped my jacket off thinking I'd do a cool off walk waiting for my aunt and uncle. Well my uncle finished his run and picked up my stuff so my cool off walk made them wait and was a bit pointless.

I was running along with my aunt and realized it's just like a picture I have on my vision board! The picture is of two women running smiling and talking. That's what my aunt and I were doing. Something actually came "true!"

This week I'm slightly on track. The days I spent a lot of time at the gym the better I did. I guess I had less time to eat. I need to work on consistency, but I know I'm on the right road.

School starts tomorrow. I read through the syllabus and it seems a bit intensive. That was definitely explained when I applied, but it's not like I actually believed it. Well I do now. I think I need to make a schedule now, to fit in work, school, and the gym.

What's your schedule? How do you balance everything?

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