Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekly Mantra

I've been reading "The non-runners marathon trainer". My aunt and uncle advised this book for my training. Even though I'm not doing an entire marathon the mental stuff that's covered in the book is really good.

I read the book but I haven't really started implementing the ideas into my running yet. The first week it says to start believing you are a runner. Well I think I'm pretty set on this as I've told everyone I'm running the half on June 5th, and will sign up for a 10k in March as a training run. I've posted on the blog, told my classmates, and set up my weekends around my runs.

Step two: Working on that positive self talk. I need to work on this like WHOA. The book obviously deals with running specific self talk. In my life I have a lot of negative self talk from eating, losing weight, getting all my work done, AND being able to run a marathon. A bunch of magazines I've read have said fixing self talk helps a lot, but the magazines don't have too much on HOW to fix it. The book breaks down the process really well. You can't just stop thinking the negative thoughts so the book says at the end of those negative thoughts add "But it doesn't matter"

My feet really ache....but it doesn't matter
Running is too hard.....but it doesn't matter
I'll probably fall on my face...but it doesn't matter
I'll never lose the weight....but it doesn't matter as long as I'm being healthy and exercising!

What thought are you going to add "but it doesn't matter" to?

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  1. I'm too heavy to be in this race...but it doesn't matter.

    People might laugh at my slow pace...but it doesn't matter.

    Many people will doubt that I can even keep this up...but it doesn't matter.

    (great post)