Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hey all. I still haven't taken a picture of Saturday's running route. I've thought about a night outdoor pic but still haven't gotten too that. I guess blogging and my goals have been kicked a few notches down on the priority list but I'm getting to them.

Hopefully you noticed my new academia look. :) I change the background every 50 post, and Sunday was post 200! And I've realized it's been almost 10 months I've been blogging. Thanks for reading!

School is HARD. I've been in engineering classes for 5 years. This education stuff is well...wordy. I have an online class that has "discussions". Everyone is required to have 2 original post and 4 replies. The best way I can describe it is you're sitting in a class room and you've all read the same paper. 4 people stand up and talk about a section and you write down a reply if you want. The replies start getting passed around since you need to read all of them. You are about 1/2 through the replies and 4 more people get up and talk about their topic. More replies enter the system, and now you can barely remember the difference between two people's topics and the slips of replies are piling up on your desk. Ahh. So far I have read everything and done 2 post and 7 replies. I'm thinking this is first week excitement and maybe next week people will back off a bit.

Ok weight loss stuff!
Today's Weight: 201 lb
Weekly Loss: 3.6 lb WOOT
Total Loss: 21 lbs

Monday I ran and did intervals. 20 sec at 6.5mph and #3 incline. then 10sec stopped (I just jumped to the sides) Hardest workout in a while. I repeated that 8 times. Then went to incline 0 and did run 4 mins walk 2. Tonight is another 30min run I think I'll just go slow and steady. Saturday is a long run of FOUR miles.

What's your workout schedule?

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