Saturday, February 19, 2011

Training Run: 4mi

Today was 4miles. Today was my longest run ever. Today was 11deg. Today was windy. Today was snowy. But it doesn't matter.

My aunt said it was a mile to go from the corner by my work to the bridge. Well that's what I heard, what she meant was it was a mile down AND back. Felt amazing when I thought I did a mile in about 8 mins. I realized it wasn't a mile but maybe one day I can do a mile in 8mins.

Unfortunately since it was windy we avoided the open space that we ran around last week. It was more comfortable but we didn't know the exact mileage. I thought I did 4 miles in 63mins, but when I got home I realized to get 4 entire miles I had to include the 3 block walk to my car. That brought my total time to 66mins.

The last mile I had to start chanting "but it doesn't matter." I was unconsciously having a stream of negative thoughts: I'm cold, it's too far, my legs ache, my legs are freezing, I want to stop, the wind is too cold. I actually started saying, yellings, sing/chanting "but it doesn't matter" then very far in the back of my mind I could hear I can do this. "But it doesn't matter"...I can do this.

Tonight I have homework and we going to a country/comedy concert and wild west fest. Then I have a 2 pg paper due by 6am Monday (aka 10pm Sunday). What is your weekend plan? What can you do?


  1. Congrats! That is an awesome feeling.

  2. Good to see that you're not getting bogged down in worrying about your time but instead you're just getting on with the more important business of actually running and maintaining the run. Well done.

  3. You are awesome! Way to keep pushing yourself! :)