Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Funday

Hello how was your weekend? did you watch the oscars?

The last time I posted was Wednesday. And I had ideas to post throughout this week...and just didn't. Thursday I was going to post about this weeks running mantra: Don't get too aroused. Definitely figured that post a week ago and not after I read the chapter. I have the mind of a 14yr old boy so I'm sure I missed the main message of this chapter. What I managed to get was you perform your best when you are excited and pumped but not too much that you lose focus. Well since it was 5 degrees when I started the long run this weekend, my arousal was certainly in check.

Friday I was going to talk about the weather and commitment. Thursday through Saturday was bitterly cold with loves in the -20s at night. ICK. Thursday I volunteered for 2hrs at a engineering fair for 6th graders. Then I waited around another hour for the free lunch. Then I stayed another hour because no one else was there to teach the next shift what to do. When you sign up for something do you take the leadership place or offer to do the little bit extra?

Saturday was my long run of 5miles. It started out at 4 deg and ended about 10deg. Thankfully the sun was out and there was no wind. At a couple points I got in the grove and pretended it was really the beginning of spring. The run ended up being 4.6miles. [I really need to measure the routes and then tell my aunt, because she picks them and they are usually close but not exact, and I'm afraid one day she'll say it's 10miles and it's really 15! :) ] My hamstrings totally hurt by the end so I was ok with only doing 4.6miles. Next week is 3 miles but it's speed work or something weird.

Today was Costco and grocery shopping then cooking, homework, and Oscars. Can you believe God of Love won for best live action short? I know right, crazy! Also on Thursday I went to the local film group. They showed all shorts in the live action and animated categories, no docs. Like the guy on TV said they are all on iTunes you should check it out!

I made beef strogenoff, rice, apple crisp after I took pictures.

First I looked for recipes. Check out ingredient #4. YUM

This is supposed to be pumpkin stew that is cooked inside a pumpkin. I didn't have a whole pumpkin or pumpkin puree so I used my crock pot and threw in some acorn squash.

Chicken, broccoli quiche! I love me some breakfast foods!

Here's the view out my window. Almost looks like a warm fall day.
Until I looked out the downstairs window :(

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  1. The food looks yummy! Hope you have a great week!