Sunday, February 20, 2011

A day of work!

I've realized my weekends will not be weekends anymore. My class' week goes from Monday at 6am to Monday at 6am. Over the weekends I have to compile my posting from the week's discussions, and a paper on the week's reading. AND read the next weeks paper for Monday morning discussion posting. Going at this rate I think my brain will stop hurting in about 3 years! Then I'll have my master's and can stop thinking all together right? HAHA

Today I wrote my paper then avoided my lab work by doing my Tracy Anderson tape (possibly pulling some arm muscle but overall feeling great, I think my arms are really getting stronger), then reorganized my cupboards and put away the new storage containers! I'm excited to use the divided ones for a packed lunch.
And Saturday was my weekly outdoor activity. I did not take a picture during my run, or closely after, but I did try to recreate my feelings in this picture before we left for the country concert. Does it say "it's cold, it's windy, I'm tired BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!"
It's the last week of February. Hopefully my Winter Challenge goals will all go according to plan. School is going to be tough since I have like 4 reading assignments but they all seem really interesting and I'm almost done with the first. Work is just work, but I do need to set up a better schedule. And hopefully it will be warm enough to walk to campus a few times this week!

How are you finishing up February?

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