Monday, January 10, 2011

WWW: week 2

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Life's Journey with a Smile

Positive Picture for the Week:
I got this picture from My science teacher in high school would always say this quote before an exam. Crys wrote it in her blog this week and I realized how applicable it can be for fitness.

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals? I started writing down the status of my goals in a planner. Did I drink enough water, which days to I run or do weights? I don't want to write down that I didn't do something.

Are any of your goals repeat offenders (i.e., have you made them before and not succeeded)? If so, what do you intend on doing this time to ensure you achieve them? No. Most of my goals are to keep me accountable. I know I need to drink water, and do weights, in this challenge I'm writing everything down to make sure these things are actually happening.

Do you have a support system in place to help you achieve your goals? I'm part of the running club so that helps me run. My aunt and uncle are also going to run the marathon part of the event where I'm doing the half. We are both following a running program by the same guy so that will help. I also tell my family about my diets so they understand why I'm eating certain things and avoiding others.

Are you a planner when it comes to meeting your goals, or do you tend to “wing it” and hope for the best? I'm somewhere in between. With the running program I have a set schedule, and other people to run with. With weights and abs, it's just something I need to do when I have time. I don't schedule specific times or certain days.

Fun Question of the Week: Who knows about your blog? Are you on blogger lockdown or do the “real” people in your life know about your blog/read your blog? My friends and family know about my blog. I don't have it connected to my facebook or email everyone about it. I do talk about things I've read on other blogs and share good comments from my "bloggy buddies"


  1. I think it's great that you belong to a running club, and that your aunt & uncle are going to run part of the marathon with you!

    Visiting from WWW week 2

  2. I am definitely a planner, in fact last night i sat down and planned the next couple of weeks and also some goals that i'd like to achieve.

  3. Very few people that are non bloggers know of my blog. My wife & kids know of it, that's it. Others around me seey progress but I haven't shared my blog with them. I guess that is proof I still have my doubts I can stick this out to the end. Kudos to you for sharing yours.

  4. heehee i'm the opposite with my planner :) i've been writing down what i want to do that day because i like crossing things off my list