Monday, January 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland Warriors WEEK 1

Week One {January 3, 2011}:

  1. What are your ten goals for the WWW challenge?
  2. Why did you choose them?
Do my running program: I'm working up to running 30mins then start training for a half marathon on June 5th
Stretch: I get shin splints so stretching calves is VERY important to avoid that, and I need to stretch aver every workout
Do yoga once at least week and Strength Train at least twice a week: Those 2 are just good for me
Overeat less than 1 day a week: If I go over calories it shouldn't start a train wreck. At the same time, sometimes I don't exercise and just eat over my limit, or people want to go out. This way I'll try to plan for it.
Drink 100oz of water a day: At over 200lbs that's the reasonable amount. It's about 3 water bottles. I do realize some days I drink a lot and others I don't drink at all so this will help me be consistent.
Do ab exercises: I have about 6 exercises the sports doctor showed me to help my back. I've been having a bit of back pain so these will help with that and give me a "situation" (HAHA probably not that last part)
Take my meds: These are prescriptions and my life goes smoother if I take them with breakfast. This is another part of bringing consistency to my day.
Wash face at night: I think this will make my face GORGEOUS! make my pores smaller, make my face less oily.
Once a week do outside active-ity and take a picture: I live in a beautiful place, and fresh air is good for everyone. (This might be my new year's resolution)

4. Are you making a New Year’s Resolution beyond the WWW challenge?
Besides my last goal I'm not making New Year's Resolutions. I will be doing no flour, no sugar until my cruise.

5. What does this challenge mean to you?
It's a different kind of challenge than Going the Distance so it will be new to me. I'm excited that it's about 3 months. Which is a perfect amount of time to see a change and if I mess up I have time to fix it :)

6: Fun Question of the Week: What did you do when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve? I was watching movies with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We stopped the movie switched to ABC to catch the ball, Ryan, and Dick Clark for about a minute. We toasted with some tasty tasty champange, then watch the rest of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. My uncle was asleep until we woke him for New Year's, but he stayed awake for the rest of the movie. We were constantly answering his questions: Who's that? Why are they there? How did they get out there? Good Times.

Each week after or before the questions we are to post a positive picture. That kind of goes along with my goal of taking a picture of my outdoor activity so I'm going to lump those together tomorrow. I went cross country skiing today and now am off to work. I would upload the pictures after work but I'm pretty sure I'll head straight to shower then bed :) Happy Monday!


  1. Great goals! Looking forward to this challenge!

  2. Great goals....that water will also make your face GLOW...seriously.
    Good luck!!