Tuesday, January 4, 2011


First some AWESOME NEWS: I got into the teaching program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's starts in Feburary and I can't wait! well it is school so I can wait a little

Yesterday I took a picture of myself with a positive sign.

I got this photo picture from my Sister in Law this Christmas. I love it. In her note to me she told me why she picked the word courage, which makes it that much more special to me.

My outside activity this week or at least the first one, was cross country skiing! Here's the lookout spot at about 10:30am.
My aunt an uncle went to the other ski hill. It's about 0.5miles up the road. I could see the upper lift while I was at the lookout. It looked like this at 10:30.
Here's the hill to get up to the lookout. Definitely got my heart rate up.
I went out for about 2hrs then had a good lunch break and went out again. Here I am at the first big junctions. See the sun? See the thermometer?

This is what I looked at pretty much all day.
I went back up to the lookout since the sun was out. I noticed this classy sign. Dogs are only allowed on certain days. Maybe I'll send it into Jay Leno.
This is at about 1:30pm. Much more gorgeous.
Here's an actual picture of the ski hill and not clouds.
At about 2:30 I headed back to the lodge. Here's my calorie counter timer and the skis that got me there. Four hours burned 2956 calories!!!
Today I need to run for 2 segments of 10mins. My legs are still recovering so I'll do my best :)

Any outside activities for you this week?


  1. signs needs to go to Leno!!!

  2. So jealous of your snow :) Enjoyed the pictures!

  3. Gotta share Jessica's jealousy - I love snow and would happily have it around 365 days of the year. Great pics, great going on the exercise in the great outdoors....pretty great all round.

  4. I am not a ski person but I do like these pics,any deer in them woods?