Friday, January 14, 2011

Today's Workout

Today I did the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout. I don't have enough for a full review or any results yet. The tape is 1hr long. It was not mentally challenging. I could have gone on and felt great afterwards. OOOOKKKK At least in my head I can talk a big game. I didn't even want to stand after, or move my arms. It was the hardest mentally easy exercise I've done. Here's an example: put your arms out at shoulder level. Now move one arm up, and curl in, and pull down. Then the other side. Then repeat for 20mins. You can easily wrap your head around that, but my arms certainly keep up. Does that make any sense? I've had plenty of times where my body could go a bit farther, and my mind was already stopped and at the snack table. Today was the opposite. It's a great alternative to go with the mental challenge of running.

Whats the hardest mental exercise for you? Hardest physical?


  1. Hardest mentally, anything where i try and jog/run versus just walk. I really dont like it so I dont look forward to it.

    Hardest physically, hmmm,probably when I climb hills repeatedly for great cardio. They are great workouts but take a deep toll.

  2. Yoga is definitely the hardest mental exercise. Spinning is the hardest physical for me.