Thursday, January 13, 2011

Overeating day?

I went grocery shopping today and decided I NEEDED ice cream. Ladies, can you guess what time it is around my house? So I decided it was my overeating day. I almost got 8 of the little one serving ones because they were on sale. Then I said "Mertle, you can only overeat one a week. And you've supposed avoid sugar before the cruise. One day is fine but 8 is just driving you down the wrong road" So I just got the java chip, for 210cals. Best way to get my sweet fix since I just buy one and I can't eat it in my car like a snickers bar.

In addition to the ice cream I got a mac and cheese microwave lunch. Noodles, cheese, and gooey warmness YUM! I added hamburger at home to get some protein. When I put everything in the calorie counter I'm 131 calories over my daily allotment. But I haven't worked out at all yet.

There's a chance I could actually not over eat today. So maybe I should change my Winter Warrior goal from overeating to "cheating or eating off the books" less than one day a week. I think I will because I definitely don't feel the need to have a cheat day and an over calorie day. Do you have a cheat day? What's your cheat food?

ALSO I ran 20mins! (on Tuesday I just forgot to tell you) I was thinking of just going 15, and at about minute 13 I really felt like I could go longer than 2 minutes. About minute 18, I was pretty sure I could only do 15 :) but I finished. I ran half at 4.7mph, and half at 4.4. I'm in the mindset now that for a half marathon that I should go for running for a long time not a fast time. Tonight I'm going to go for 25mins, and I'm thinking doing intervals between 5 and 4.5 mph. We'll see.

About a week ago, I ordered 3 things from Amazon, all used which means I'll get 3 different packages. I bought a memory card for my mp3 player so I could have music stay on there and easily add books and talking stuff to the card. #2 Bill Rodgers Lifetime Running Plan. I ruined the one from the library so I had to get a "new to the library" "used on amazon one :)

Look what came in the mail today! #3 The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout. I've been hearing soooooo sooooo much about her workouts I just had to try myself. I guess she moves your body in different ways to attack those muscles differently from curls and crunches. Apparently I'll also turn into Gwyneth Paltrow! Well once I try it I'll give you a review.

Any new workouts you're trying? Or anything sweet you just bought yourself? :)


  1. For over eating you did great especially with getting in some exercise.

    Yep I have cheat days and there is nothing wrong with it. We kno the consequence and that is fine too as long as we do not regret it when the day is done. Stay positive!

  2. Hey Mertle! I just discovered and adore your blog :)
    I am a trainer and marathoner, but that being said, I don't feel like I am ever "cheating" or missing out on anything in my diet.
    The most important thing in an active life is fuel. The most important thing to understand about that fuel is that your body needs to be able to process it in order to gain the most nutrients from whatever you ingest. A couple of really simple tricks to use are to shop around the outside isles of the grocery store. This means you are avoiding prepackaged foods that are full of preservatives that are completely foreign to your body. They can't be digested, therefore, they aren't. These preservatives can be compared to any other chemical drug that one might abuse.
    I also recommend turning to organics. A quick and extremely educational reference for organics is the documentary, "Food Inc." I'm certain that it will inspire dietary changes in your life as it has so many other people. I urge you to also pass it around if you do buy a copy. It's crucial to the health of our society to get the information out there as much as possible. You'll understand what I mean once you watch :)
    I know that the change to "clean food" doesn't sound like rocket science but I guarantee that you will feel and see changes in your body and energy level nearly immediately. It's also very fulfilling to experiment with whole foods cooking. Food becomes a whole other love once you truly appreciate the nourishment that it provides and the process by which it naturally occurs.
    If you couldn't tell, I hold holistic views of health. Your psychology is an integral part of your well-being. If you haven't heard of Barry Kaufman, you can check brief video out,, and there are many more on youtube.
    Hope this has been of some help and I will definitely follow your blog from now on :)
    Love and Hugs,

  3. Mertle,
    Here is the link to Barry Kaufman's video:
    Check out the other as well though. It's a great blog on raw foods.