Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goals are Hard

Today I have running club where I'm going to try to run for 30mins straight! First time ever! I'm excited about that accomplishment but we will be at a tiny inside track so I'm bringing my mp3 and zoning out from everyone else.

My favorite goal for the challenge or my new years resolution is to do something active outside and take a picture. I was going to go ice skating yesterday but at 42deg the rink was more a pool. I went home and took a nap. Then I really really really didn't want to leave my house. But I knew we have running club today and I certainly wouldn't want to try to fit something in today. So at 6:30pm I went for a walk. Just through town where there were street lights, not on the dark and scary trails. Here are the pictures I got:

So Hot!

These tree things in the hardware store windows.

It says Head West. Which is a great saying. I totally didn't realize this store was in town for like 8 months. Sorry I couldn't find the neon setting on my camera :)

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