Thursday, December 23, 2010


Ok again my eating was bad today. I also did 30 mins on the bike, 20mins of weights, and 15mins of elliptical. Tomorrow I'm going cross country skiing!!! Minor setback I have to be ready and go to breakfast at 8:30 so we can leave at 9am. OOOH I thought this was vacation. :) I'm actually really excited to just go and be outside alone.

At the gym someone was watching E!. They had a clip of the Tracy Anderson method. I tried it today and only used 3lb weights and my arms were in pain! The workout starts about 1:10 mark. I think the next workout video I get will be her's.


  1. Hi Mertle, hope all is going well overall. The holidays are a challenge eating wise indeed. I've found it easy enoughto keep movingbut not as easy to keep from enjoying the temptations of the holidays. Saw your eclipse photos; lucky you for being able to see it. bad weather here prevented us from being able to do the same.

    Havea a great holiday weekend!

  2. Just found your blog - I hope to come back! Enjoy your vacation...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. I've seen her videos before.....looks easy, but it's far from it! Have fun skiing!