Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Food Logging

I haven't been logging my food intake, unless you count cutting through the cookies and broccoli trees. I only went over by 500 calories today, a net of 1600. Hopefully I won't gain weight tomorrow.

Speaking of gaining weight :( WWI:
Today's Weight: 206.2
Weekly Loss: (+4)
Total Loss: 16lbs

AHHHHHHH I didn't binge and gain a pound, I DEVOURED everything and gained 4lbs. OMG Talk about the truth finally slapping me in the face. Today I worked out very well. Elliptical for an hour and my running. (w5, r5, w3, r4, bathroom break, w3, r5, w5) Then I went to dinner, then I sat at the table and ate fudge, and m+ms, and cookies, and some veggies. Have you heard this munching complaint before? Well if I was perfect I'd have nothing to work on.

The longer I write this blog the more and more evident Moving Mertle is the best name. I move and move and move, but I need to learn to eat (just one, not eat and eat and eat). I've been thinking of like nutrisystem because the meals are all fixed and planned. I have trouble making meals and restraining myself. Especially at dinner tonight, if food is sitting in front of me I'll eat it. I actually did fairly well at the party Sunday. Since I've been here a year I know so many more people at the party so I actually TALKED, not "I'm a student. The weather's been bad." It also probably helped that I splurged on Friday because I didn't want to overindulge as much on Sunday night. Ok that paragraph just started rambling, but somewhere in the middle I thought of a question.

What do you think of Nutrisystem and food delivery plans? Do you measure your food? measuring cups or scale?

Tomorrow I'm making lasagna with my aunt, maybe some errands. OOOH man. My christmas tree is done finally after buying more lights. I plan on going out after christmas and buying a bunch of white lights that all work. And the single string of icicle lights are up outside. I'm debating about the medal hanger I got. I wanted it to say M's Marathons, and instead it says M's Medals. When I picked it up it was the last stop on an annoying day, so I was super mad about the mistake. Now that time has past, I'm seeing how the confusion arose and the hanger doesn't look so bad. I'll decide definitely in the morning. Ok Pysch finally then bed.


  1. I understand over eating and I fight it every day. I am on Weight Watchers so I measure and weigh just about everything. I tried several things on my hunt for the perfect diet and I found that there is no perfect diet. You have to find what works for you. I decided on Weight Watchers because I can afford it and I get to eat food that I have or can buy in a grocery store. I have a friend that is on Nutrisystem and she has done great with it. You have to pick the one that works best for you. Good luck with choosing and Merry Christmas...

  2. I agree with Debbie. You have got to do what is right for you. I read a couple of bloggers that do Medifast and they are pleased. It is similar to Nutrisystems in that your food is selected for you.

    I personally couldn't do it because I have issues with prepared food. I begin to wonder what is really in it. Strange, I know!