Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Dance

So eating hasn't been great. I know it's the story of my Christmas life.

I have been exercising. Friday was cross country skiing ALL DAY! Saturday I walked the dog I'm sitting and we played new Wii games people got for Christmas. Just Dance and The Michael Jackson Experience. Both really get you jumping, sweating, and yelling when they don't give you enough points.

Today I went "back" to work. I didn't work Saturday so I had 3 days off, and I have next weekend off as well. I did the 6th day of my running program. [w5, r6, w5, r6, w2, r1, w5] Later I did 30mins on the elliptical, and 30 mins of Just Dance. Then I ate m+ms, cheetos, and a chocolate bar. :)

I got a track suit to wear to work. I didn't get much athletic stuff, but I did get a check from my parents "for the stuff I didn't get from my list".

The things on my list were:
rolling pin
water bottle holder thing
yoga pants
bike helmet
bike light
bike basket

Today I got the yoga pants. I could use the money to buy anything on the list, OOOOORRRR I could buy cross country skis. A guy at the cross country trails said he bought an old set from a company that rented skis. If I got skis I could used them right NOW, if I got some of the other stuff I'd have to wait until Spring. Decisions, Decisions.


  1. I could see cross-country skiing being so much fun (I've never had the opportunity) and a brilliant bit of exercise....and let's face it, working-out outdoors is always more enjoyable than in a gym or in the house....go for it.

  2. I miss cross country skiing! I used to do it all the time when I was really little and would love to get into it again.

    I have been bad over the holidays too... good thing the challenge is about to start!!

    I was just going through the list of people, and we have 13 people so far! A good group! I just noticed in my last email to you I wrote I am "not" following you and never noticed - it was supposed to say now :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.