Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Tuesday!

Did you know today is Tuesday and NOT Wednesday? Which means it's not WWI yet, which got me very excited this morning. I totally worked hard and ate well today because I don't want the same number I saw this morning.

I looked for cross country skis today. The first place didn't have any sets left. The second place had skis, poles, and shoes, but I just couldn't make that many decisions by myself. I think I'll go to the trails a few more times to be sure I'll actually use the skis.

Today I walked the dog, 30mins of weights, and 30mins on the elliptical.

Did I mention my most exciting Christmas present? A Caribbean CRUISE! Yeah you all just gained 5lbs just reading the word cruise but we'll make a plan. Starting today I plan on limiting carbs especially white bread, sugar, and dairy. I am sharing a cabin with my aunt and cousin. There are two beds then either a sailor bunk, or a trundle. I think I'll sleep in the most inconvenient place so I'll have to get up earliest. Then I'll get up and go to the gym then meet everyone for breakfast. Also they hopefully will have better fresh fruits and veggies than the Montana winter offers. WOOT for the best laid plans.

Bragging time: I'll meet my parents in New Orleans on the 21st and the 22nd. We are thinking of a tour or shopping. The cruise is Jan 23rd to the 30th. The ship stops at Costa Maya, Mexico; Belize City, Belize; Routan Bay Islands, Honduras; Cozumel, Mexico. Then we'll have 1 night in New Orleans after as well.

What plans do you have for indulgent vacations? Have you been to NOLA, any tourist stops I need to see?

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