Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jingle Jog

Today was running clubs jingle jog. I just helped time for the running and didn't run myself. I did try to walk over to the start and got myself lost so at least I have a 1/2hr walk done for today. And I got a mug! This was the first holiday activity of the year. Tonight is the Christmas stroll. Businesses set up booths and everyone walks up and down main street in the freezing weather; there's my second walk of the day :)

Things I need to work on: Blogging and tracking. I've just been blah and eating thing I shouldn't in quantities I shouldn't and then feeling bad about it and not tracking. I think I'm over my calories so I don't want to make myself feel bad by actually recording the bad numbers.

I've been working out a fair amount. Since I'm not doing GTD this month it feels like I'm not working out at all. But it also feels great to let my body relax a bit.

Personal note: I can't wait for this semester to be done. 3 homeworks, 2 finals, and 1 lab report. That's the 321 countdown for this semester. AND I'm almost done with my application. I sent it to a few friends to proofread and then I'll send it in. That will be a weight of my shoulders.

Also I saw DANE COOK on Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been that close to a celebrity. I was in the 5th row. At one point I had to look at my neighbors to realize I was there and not watching it on TV. Also I think we made eye contact and had a moment. We'll be best friends soon!

This week: track, workout, 2 weigh ins, homework, blog.

What's your week plan? Are you in the holiday spirit yet?


  1. I used to hate tracking when I knew I went over, but sometimes it takes seeing it in black and white. I think that's a great December goal, it's one we all need to do especially with the holidays coming up! My goal for December is to make better workout habits, and stop measuring my success by the scale!

  2. I go online and search 5k training and I have found alot of good scheduales, there wasone by Nike that I like alot. Also the library has alot of running books, they usually have scheduales in them, that help you build on whatever you are trying to work on.

    Good Luck!