Thursday, December 2, 2010

December is HERE!

It's DECEMBER!!! Which means November "Going the Distance" [GTD] is over. My goal wasn't a distance, I wanted to do 50hrs of working out. That included weights, yoga, elliptical, shoveling snow, and walking to school. I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling {holiday's} and {babysitting} their dog!

I worked out for 46hrs and 10mins. That's a 92.3% on the assignment. It's pretty good but I know I could've got in the 4 hrs somewhere in the month. I really pushed myself walking to school and back, then yoga, then getting on the treadmill at work. Mentally it was a little too much I think. I need to get back to balance of a little of everything.

Here are some questions that were posted as a wrap up of GTD:
1. How do you define "Going the Distance" -- is it the physical distance or is it mental/emotional as well? Mental for me. It's about finding the time, and making myself go to gym. At least this month. When I did 100miles in October, it was painful! My legs hurt and more of a physical challenge. This month I wanted to do 50hours of working out/moving. I didn't have the excuse of driving to the gym because I had yoga and pilates tapes I could do. I just had to make myself move.

2. Are you overachieving on your goals because you're underestimating your ability? Are you underachieving because you doubt your ability? I think I estimate my abilities well :) Usually I make huge goals I don't think I'll actually accomplish and then push myself and complete or come really close! Each month I've totally surprised myself.

3. Do you share your goals or are you afraid to in case you don't achieve them? I shared my goals but I got slack for them. My roommate brought up the issue of working out for a long time or working out really intensely for a short time. This gave me a twinge of doubt. In general, I do try to share my goals because then my friends can push me. If they ask I want to be able to say I'm doing well and not slacking.

I am not signing up for Dec GTD. I really did challenge myself but doing that I lost a bit of balance. I paid a lot more attention to working out than food. It's not an excuse but this month I just want focus on everything in balance. I want to WANT to work out and eat well, instead of feeling bad every time I sit down. That's just my opinion and I'll definitely sign up for GTD's in the future.

My Devember goals:
1) yoga and weights 3x a week
2) Cardio 5-6x a week (at least 30mins)
3) eat 3 meals a day. [Maybe Saturday will be a cheat/looser day, because of all the Holiday parties and activities]

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  1. Congrats on how well you did with GTD, December is the first month I've signed up for. After reading this, I'll be making an effort to keep it balanced. You have to do what you know your body needs!