Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hi There!

Hello All!
Here's my update first: I will not have gone the distance in November. Only 46hr 10 min instead of my goal of 50hrs. I'll talk more about that tomorrow and answer the questions for the challenge.

I'm still working on the eating. It's hard to make myself eat the good stuff when the sparkly frosting-y cookie goodnesses are stacked to the ceiling at the grocery stores. AND it's hard to make a healthy snack when I have yummy treats or leftovers in the fridge. but I must PERSEVERE! (and you too! stay strong)

I've been waking up with headaches which is not fun so I think it's time to take my allergy meds before bed again. I have been taking fish oil pills again. The magazines all say they're great but I haven't seen any immediate results :)

OH and not health related: I got a bunch of books from the library today which is one of my favorite things. I'm also plugging along with the application essay. I wrote 2 pages and still had a few more ideas but was worried about getting to 5 pages. Then I realized I hadn't double spaced anything!!! Now I just have the conclusion to work on and I've filled up 6.5 pages. Next week is my last week of classes for my current program so I can't wait to get the application turned in to start figuring out plans for next semester.
Here is Dr Oz Holiday Tips that were on his show today (click step #12). Some were pretty good so I thought I'd share the whole article.

Survival Tip #1: Party Smart

Don’t go to a party starving. Have a pre-party snack. Try a small bag of nuts and low-fat string cheese to load up on protein so you don’t overindulge at the big event.

Avoid the food pile-up at the holiday buffet. Choose the smallest plate, do not stack your food, and make sure there is space between each food item. You must be able to see everything on your plate clearly.

Skip the eggnog – it can be up to 450 calories a glass. Try these 100-calorie cocktails instead: 1 vodka on the rocks, 1 glass of wine, or 2 wine spritzers.

Survival Tip #2: Defeat the Sweets

If you need to bring dessert to a party, buy something on the way to the event. Don’t bake it ahead of time, as this can lead to snacking.

Choose only 1 dessert. Take it all in visually and make your best choice. One dessert is fine – all of the desserts and you’re facing a dieting disaster.

Survival Tip #3: Eat Then Shop

Do your holiday shopping after eating a full breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll be less tempted to grab something convenient and unhealthy in the food court. If you must eat at the mall, share 1 slice of pizza and a side salad with a friend.

Pack snacks like a dried fruit and nut trail mix, and dark chocolate to hold you over until you can get back to a source of healthy food.

Survival Tip #4: Weigh Yourself Twice a Week

Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to weigh yourself. Keep track of everything you eat and what you weigh throughout the holiday season to keep yourself accountable to the promise you made to follow the Just 10 Challenge.

Most of the tips I like. My fave is to make 2 spritzers out of carbonated water and 1 glass of wine. In theory the 2 drinks will last longer than 1 glass of wine but sometimes I drink smoother things faster. Maybe I'll stick to whiskey on ice. A hard one for me but would make a big difference is the not piling my plate. I will look at the entire buffet and then just do ONE layer off food, no rolls and turkey legs on top of stuffing and cookies. I also like not avoiding the scale which is tempting to do. I'll try to weigh myself officially 2 times a week in December to keep myself accountable and stop a downfall before it gets too far.

What's your holiday mantra or tip?


  1. "Only 46hr 10 min"....i think you'll find that is still going the distance dude. Give yourself some credit where it's due!

    DecGTD allows you to track water and fruit and veg intake too, so that could be something that will help you with your healthier choices - tracking always makes it harder to cheat i think.

    I like the spritzer idea too, altho drinking nothing but whisky would be a recipe for disaster for me....sure, the calories would be low but i'd be falling-down drunk after about 4 of them....i'm such a light-weight drinker!

  2. I agree with Phil- that's great!! It's probably more than you would have done if you'd set your goal too low. I'm joining in for December too.

    One of the other bloggers I follow was having issues with leftovers- she ended up tossing them so they weren't a temptation anymore and she was happy she did! Maybe get rid of it?

    Thanks for all those tips! Definitely need them with the holidays coming up!