Monday, November 1, 2010

November Goals

Happy November Day!! Did everyone go around town handing out leaves? HAHAHA (get it?)

Anywho October is come and gone. I lost weight, saw onederland, and went the distance! Pretty good month I'd say. Unfortunately during Halloween I discovered I'm not ready to leave my safety bubble. YOU KNOW: The bubble of you make to keep temptation away. You get all the treats out of the house, if you go out you check the online nutrition guide to figure out what's best, and you COMMIT to working out!

POP! The bubble was destroyed by candy fueled pumpkin carving party, alcohol fueled Halloween party, and bbq ribs and scalloped potato dinner. [On a side note, Sunday was the 3rd time I prepared Julia Child's Au Gratin potatoes, BUT the 1st time I actually went to the event they were served at! They are AMAZING, and another item to add to the learn how to control list]

So November starts a new week, a new month, and a new season. Can you believe Christmas trees are on sale already? As well, it is time to set new goals!

1) 50hrs of working out. I went the distance in October but I noticed I only wanted to work out on the treadmill or do arc trainer at the lowest incline. This month I want to focus on working out everything. Biking, weights, lunges, and running a bit as well. So I'm going for workout hours instead. but SHHHHHH: I may cheat and say it's 50 miles so I can sign up for all the cool kids are doing.

2) Plan out meals. Every week I'm supposed to make something for my aunt and uncle and I've definitely been slacking on this. I also want to make sure I'M eating great and not doing the grab and go thing. AND I want to plan ALL the food I'll be making for the next 2.5 months. I know there will be family time and parties and club pot lucks so I need to make sure there will always be something healthy.

3) Not graze! This is not like a do/do not thing exactly. I want to do some self evaluation/help and fix myself not deprive myself. I always find myself mindlessly nibbling at parties. Especially when I'm listening to other stories and not telling my epic tales. So let the mind games begin on that one I guess.

What's you're plan for November? Know any good healthy recipes? and What do you do to stay away from the snack table or not eat that entire bowl of spinach artichoke dip?

[Another side note: I have verizon and may be getting a new phone Thursday. Any preferences out there? Also is this twitter thing as cool as people make it out to be? If I am drawn to a smart phone I may sign up to tweet as well]


  1. Sounds like you have some great goals planned for November!

  2. I've been cooking a lot from if you haven't used it yet. So many great recipes and even my father and grandma enjoys them which is a miracle I promise! Try the low fat scones on the first page. They are heavenly! with no guilt at all :)

  3. Liking your November goals!

    Not grazing, that's a tough one for me; but a behavior I need to kick too.

    Enjoy NovGTD & Go Gett'em

  4. Good morning - I tagged you today, have fun!