Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi there it's been a while

I got back from my friends wedding. I got a back end from my friends wedding. Mostly I was pretty good. But the continental breakfast and traveling fare got to me. Biscuits and gravy!!! Every morning!

I had a blasty blast but I'm also glad to have a regular schedule back with no big events.

I'm not doing well on the 50hrs of working out. But I really don't want to change the goal because I want to push myself. I don't feel like I can do 50hrs but if I change the goal to 30hrs I feel like I'll slack off.

I did get a ton on compliments! And this tiny girl said she was a size 12 and thought I was too!!! AAAAHHHH YEAH! (does it matter it was a ways into the night that had an open bar?)

Today was good as far as exercise went, not great eating, and icky weather. This weekend (while I was 2000miles away) the temp got into the 70s! Today we got almost 5 inches of snow. The joys of Montana. Because of the snow I didn't ride my bike so I walked the 1.5miles to school. I also worked out a bit at work. The food was bad because I have nothing in the house. You know when you go on vacation so you don't buy anything before you leave and just eat butter and pickle sandwiches? Well when you come home you still only have pickles, butter, and moldy bread. I am now fully stocked with pitas, ingredients for BBQ pork, and lunch meat!

Pictures will come later, since I haven't finished unpacking and can't find the cord.

Question of the post: What changes when the weather changes? The food you eat, how you work out, does your wardrobe change from spring colors to autumn tones?

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  1. The food I eat changes greatly with the change of the seasons. I eat more soups for lunch and evening meals. My desire to drink coffee also increases! Workouts stay the same...but I have to push myself more on cold days...I'd rather just go home and snuggle into bed :)