Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Lazy" Sunday

Today: breakfast, shopping, school, gym, not school, homework, yoga.

The first school thing I had to stop by campus to move a triaxial test on to the next step. Except the machine wasn't working. The program was on but it wasn't sensing anything. Literally the lights were on and nobody was home.

Then I went to the gym and did 30mins on the elliptical and 30 doing hills on the treadmill.

The not school thing was I tried to go to the planetarium. When I got there the fire alarm was going off and also the planetarium was having technical problems. Guess that astronomy paper will have to write another day.

So I came home and tried to put plastic on the windows. It worked on one window, but the tape didn't stick on the other window. That second window has some gaps in it, so that project has been extended to tomorrow. Then I moved on to homework. Just 1 day of classes, and the triaxial test before vacation.

Then I did yoga. First the basic quick routine, then the abs routine, then the quieting routine. I'd never done the quieting routine and it turned out to be essentially the basic complete workout. I fast forwarded through the triangle and warrior poses, since my legs were sore from the gym workout. Tired!

Sounds like I was so good, but I ate a lot today. I'm much better on days I have a set schedule and won't think about the 6layer dip in my fridge. Ah part of the challenge right.

Well time for bed. Have a great Monday and get excited for the holiday!!

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