Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Burn more calories in the cold?

I walked to school yesterday in 1deg weather. Today I have errands to do in
-5deg. Winter has definitely come to Montana. Oh and there's a Blizzard warning today.

I was under the impression you burn more calories when you're cold. After my walk to and from school I looked that up and apparently you burn the same amount. The energy that usually makes us sweat just instead goes to heating us. I did learn one thing: on my walk I HAVE to wear long johns.

Update on the to-do list I posted last sunday

1) eating: I'm doing pretty good, except for the football party and the 6 layer dip. Definitely reigning myself in from all the holiday things I want to gobble!
2) exercise. I think I exercised everyday, Friday it was only my walk to school and home but at least it was something. I didn't get my 5 yoga sessions in until last night, but I have done 3 weight routines.
3) Homework and applications: I stopped filling out the fellowship application but now I have to work on the program application for me to transfer. I thought it was a short essay but it's a 5-8 PAGE essay. Definitely will be working on that for the next month. AND I have no homework over this Thanksgiving weekend.
4) The lost DVD = FOUND. Apparently in my crazy running around I mindlessly dropped the dvd off at my aunt and uncle's.

New To-do:
1) Work, exercise, eat healthy.
2) Mentoring. Each week I spend an hour with him at his school. About a 10 minute drive but I'm not sure with this blizzard warning.
3) Grocery shopping and baking. We're in charge of vegetables so here's our menu: Sweet potatoes, green beans with ginger butter, cranberry sauce, and cabbage slaw.
4) Thursday morning "Huffing for Stuffing". Hopefully it will be above 0deg for my 5K.

What's your to-do list this week?


  1. I wish you burned more calories when you are cold because I stay cold all.the.time. I just begin to thaw sometime in July and I live in the south!

  2. I've not heard you burn more when cold, but I feel like exercise is easier in cool weather. Not frigid -5 cold air, but 40 or less cold. OMG, green beans with ginger butter. That has to be a recipe from the heavens.

  3. My to do list included not freaking out on Thursday & running my first ever Turkey Trot (which may or may not be in the rain, depending on which weather report you'll believe.) I've never heard about burning more calories in the cold, I would think it would be the opposite.

  4. "Huffing for Stuffing" - best race name ever!!! Please post a race report. I love reading about everyone's events. :)