Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WWI....but only because I have to

I guess it's optional because it is MY blog, but if I didn't post today's weight I'd be missing out on all that accountability stuff I say blogs help with so with a heavy heart and heavy stomach I give you today's readings:

Weight: 200.4
Weekly loss: +2.4
Total loss: 21.6
Lbs to goal: 18.4

Yeah not on plan at all. This is what happens when I'm stressed and in a house of candy. (Ok there's only one bowl but honestly my brain thinks the whole place in made of candy) I indulged! Maybe y'all didn't think I really ate that much like I was over exaggerating but really I was just giving you the icing on the cake the stuff I'd admit to :( Like I didn't tell you about the chocolate I ate after dinner or the candy pumpkins I finished off while studying. But the SCALE let me know what was up!

I'm slacking, caving, and half assing it all! So the goal for the next week is to not slack, not cave, and WHOLE ass it up! I'm probably setting up another personal training session, working on homework in the library away from candy, and I'll go grocery shopping and make something healthy to eat next week. I'm going to beat my booty and EARN my vacation.

SO now you expect me to say I'm off to the gym BUT I have an exam in 30mins. I'll bike home then then to work at 4pm, walk on the treadmill there, and bike home. Then a quick stop at CVS for new prescriptions then a healthy dinner and bed!

This week is about WHOLE Assing no half assing allowed!


  1. Hope that you can get back on track this week!

  2. Half-assed. Why do we (and I'm including me...100% me) think that we can do something half assed and still get results. I also am working to get rid of the half assed mentality!

  3. What about 3/ that allowed? ;o)

    Kudos for posting the good and the bad weight-loss days. You already know what you need to, now get to it. I know next weeks result will be better.