Friday, October 1, 2010

Working Weekend

I'm not letting being busy stop me from losing weight but it has stopped me from being the great follower I usually am. Sorry for not giving you my two cents....and the encouragement we all need. This weekend won't be much better.

On Monday I am taking an exam at 7am, giving a lecture at 9am, and turning in homework at 11am. Wednesday I have homework due and lecture part two. Thursday is my birthday so there's lots of reasons to be counting down to the 7th! So I may be reading your blogs and I'll be sending encouraging vibes, but I most likely won't comment or write a new post, sorry.

But I'm still going to work out! It's supposed to be a beautiful 90degree weekend! Perfect for an all day hike! Except for all that stuff in the previous paragraph. I'll try to workout outside, both days.

Ok powerpoint is calling me.


  1. You are busy, busy.. Glad to see a post from you. Good for you on working out.

  2. 90 degrees? I'm jealous! Things are getting chilly around here, lol.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, you do sound busy. Keep up the good work and I'm feeling your encouraging vibes.