Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi I missed you!

And I'm back, after spending all weekend on homework, presentation, and exam cramming! I have a bit of the presentation to work on tomorrow and homework for Friday. Much easier than this crazy weekend. I'm also hoping to talk to a professor this week about graduate research and some fellowships.

Back to the fitness front as well. I'm working hard at FatGirlvsWorld's Going the distance challenge. I singed up for 100miles, thinking elliptical miles were faster than treadmill miles so maybe 60/40. I was WRONG! I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill in about 40min then 1.5 miles on the elliptical in about 40 mins! I kind of want to renege on my statement, but I also want to challenge myself. So today I thought "It'll be a rest day" But I did ride my bike to school, and walked to the work. OK maybe I walked to work because I had to go pick up my aunt's car afterwards but hey it's like my good decision. THEN at work instead of sitting and doing crosswords while waiting by the phone, I took the phone and did the elliptical! In three 30mins segments I did 3 miles. Super exciting.

As I was walking to my aunt's house, I thought "I can do this!!!" As in I can lose all the weigh foreva, I can get my 100miles in, I can do it all!

Have you had a moment that let you know this time was different? What was it? What do you think it could be?


  1. It's great when you have a "Eureka" realisation like that. Yes, you can do it Mertle.

    I had a moment like that when i was in the shower after a run, and i'd was only 3 weeks into my new was just a tremendous and powerful feeling of being unstoppable and nothing seemed to be impossible. I honestly don't know why it hit me then (release of endorphins is possible, i guess) but i didn't question it too much, i just smiled and have been going from strength to strength.

    I am sure that the blogging helps me greatly and i think it's a big factor in me being successful this time.

    Hope you get the 100 miles in ahead of schedule.

  2. I have. This time it just feels different somehow. I'm making that mental shift from a short term diet way of life, to a forever healthy eating mindset. I'm notn there yet, but I feel it more & more all the time.

  3. Wow - look at you go! Awesome!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I *think* the difference between cobra and upward dog (in yoga) is that in upward dog you lift your hips off the ground (it's not as hard as it looks) ;)