Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unsure about Tomorrow

So I've been exercising and eating less and gaining weight? I'm not sure if it's water weight since I'm drinking less water, or because it's almost lady fun time. But I also was concerned my body went into starvation mode. I've been eating about 1300 to 1500 cals but I've been exercising about 500-700cals so the net calories range from 600-1000 cals. I didn't think I was too hungry or working out crazy like running 10miles every morning lunch and night.

Well today I ATE, granted I didn't eat the best stuff (some caramel sauce and lots of sugary jelly) but my net calories were 1500s. Maybe I'll lose weight by tomorrow or the next day. I'll have to figure out a balance between starvation and gaining weight. I want to lose about 2lbs a week.

Another thing I'm unsure about is school. I'm really really really interested in doing research on physics/engineering education. I'm not sure my advisor is that sure about it. So I may be changing advisors which is just an awkward conversation waiting to happen. Also when I was speaking with the physics professor today she asked "Where do you see your self in 5 yrs?" I said I don't know. It's something I really need to think about as I'm working on my degree and research.

I am SURE BigClyde is awesome. He is training for a big bike race, which his son is also doing. He also runs, up to at least a 5K. He's doing a Oktoberfest challenge, which has a twist of Oktobering. Apple recipes, beer tastings, polka offs. He has a great collection of funny, vintage, and Fezzik pictures which make his blog unique. He is also having a giveaway! Sharing the wealth :) Check out his blog!

I'm also SURE Thursday is MY BIRTHDAY! I always get very excited about my birthday, presents, MY day, special food, and a few drinks! I have class on Friday at 8am so most of the celebrating will be on Wednesday. (Then I can watch the Office on Thursday)

What are you unsure or sure about? Where do YOU see yourself in 5 (10, 15) yrs?

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  1. Unsure about - what i'll look like once all the weight is gone. It's been such a long time since i put it all on, i can't even imagine.

    5-10 years time - hopefully completely flab-free and fabulous, living in Manhattan or San Francisco, working as a programmer for a big software house. It might sound unambitious to some, but that's it...anything else is a bonus. ;o)

    Happy birthday for thursday