Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It almost feels like the war to end all wars: Mertle vs the Scale. I cannot tell you where a huge mistake was. I described yesterday how much I eat and exercise. I ate a bit more yesterday because I was afraid of being in "starvation mode" and today I almost threw the scale against the wall.

The scale is in the bathroom just waiting patiently to be stepped on. So yes I sometimes step on it multiple times throughout the day. Maybe before and after a shower to see how much water my thick hair really holds. Maybe after a workout, or before a huge dinner. Mostly during the day it's just random and I don't think much of the numbers. I only care about morning weights and then it's official only on Wednesdays. I do like weighing myself at night and then in the morning to see how much weight I've lost. This is me checking how many muscles I have :) Right because muscles burn more calories than fat, so if I lose 10lbs while I'm sleeping I have more muscle than if I lose 0.5lbs. (Made up numbers :)

So last night before my shower I weighed in at 204. Ok that's fine. Then I took my shower and probably gained some weight since I swear my skin is a sponge and soaks up a lot of water. Then off to sleepville (well kinda sleeping has been a problem too :( ) Anyways this morning the scale said 202? 199? 203? NO NO NO 204 UM What!!?!?!?!?! I lost pretty much NO weight between 10pm and 7am.

Weight: 204
Weekly loss: +1.6
Total Loss: 18lbs
LBs to goal: 22lbs

Something is BEGIGGITY. (That's a real word and perfect for today) Today I'll try to drink more water, sleep better, eat around 1500cal, and exercise a little but not crazy. I'm not giving up but I may go cold turkey on that crazy scale for a week.

Whats AWESOME is my research project is starting to form nicely and I'm feeling more confident in my path. I only have regular homework coming up and no special huge presentations. Even though the scale isn't saying the "right" thing I feel like my clothes fit better and most days I think "I look good" (for like a second then I see a different angle or a pimple) I'm realizing I've lost almost 40lbs in 1.5yrs and I can really see a difference. oh and MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!!!! Birthday dinner tonight, relaxing all day Thursday, and maybe drinks on Friday!

So what awesome event are you next looking forward to? (it's ok you can pick my birthday too haha) And what do you change up if your in a funk?


  1. First, Happy Birthday!

    Second, when in a funk... Busting a funk, or plateau, not easy is it. For me, the only thing I do is don't do exactly what I have been doing. They key word being exactly. The scale is in a rut, so you need to then be what moves out of the rut. Change up your exercise. Not a dramatic over haul, just do something different. Get outside for cardio if you are an insider, or vice versa. For strength, set the weights aside for a day or two and just use your own body weight to get those muscles lean. Don't swim, ok; swim this week. You get my meaning here I'm sure. Same with diet. You and only you know if you need to notch down a few calories daily. But calories aside, go with some different but still high quality foods / recipes. I cannot say with certainly mixing up will bust the plateau, but speaking for myself when I mix it up my body responds to the difference positively.

  2. Happy birthday tomorrow!!

    I do the the same thing with the scales. I weigh before & after going to the bathroom, before & after a bath/shower, before bed & first thing in the morning. In fact, I've weighed myself so often, I can just about guess what the scale is going to say! I'm just calling that my transfer addiction and moving on with life. There are worse things I could be doing, and like you, I don't really count any but the morning one, and I report my weight on Saturday.

    As far as breaking through the plateau goes, it is hard. So, first, don't beat yourself up. It happens. It is part of the process. Second, look closely at your food intake. Are you measuring accurately so that you get your calories right? Next, look at your movements. Are you really giving your workout your all?

    If you determine that everything is as it should be then, change something. It seems odd, but your body adapts to whatever is happening to it. Add more protein, or another fruit. Do a different workout. Just do something different. It really doesn't matter what (not counting ice cream), just tweak something and then go with it until it stops working.

    The most important thing is to never, ever quit!

  3. Well Happy B-day on October 7th. One of my best friend's birthday too!

    Urggh, that's why the scale is not my buddy (currently). The ups and downs drive me batty - well, not the downs - lol. If you know you are doing well and the scale doesn't approve it's really a plot to throw you off your diet, you know (yes, you heard it here first). 40 lbs off - for good - congrats! Keep on trucking and if you need any help throwing the scale against the wall...I'll be there.